Far out Brussel Sprout!!!

I posted a question on a lesbian group yesterday.

I still get amazed

I’m still surprised at how many of us go through abusive relationships.

I get so heartbroken. It doesn’t have to be so!

I often say to my girlfriend, I look back and know I didn’t listen to anybody who said …. you might want to be careful there. It’s like I was supposed to go through what I have been through in order to grow. To learn the lessons . To turn my pain into power.

So to all of you out there , battling to get out bed, struggling over this person who has nearly crushed you. I say this…. NO ONE HAS THAT RIGHT!! the best thing you can do is stand up and move forward with the light deep inside of you. Even if it’s a spec of light.

Use that spec of light. Cling to that spec of light.

With every use it will grow bigger

Every time you develop self care, in what ever form that is. Mine was swimming in the ocean. Yours maybe something else. Hold yourself with love and compassion.

You are so beautiful

You are so worthy

You are lovable

You are worthy.

I remember being told “you are fat , greedy and lazy. You can’t survive without me.” Mmmm motherfucker , hold my beer and bloody well watch me.

Stand strong and know it’s possible.

I’m the evidence you need to know healing and having a healthy relationships afterwards is possible

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