What happens when you tell your story….

Today I’m going to talk about telling your story and what happens if you do tell your story.

I started this blog to help others in the lgbtqi community realise that domestic violence is a big issue within the community. I also started it to show that it is possible to recover in a healthy way, and go on to have a beautiful healthy relationship (which I do).

Through this blog I have shared with you all the ups and downs of healing, also shown you along the way that there are silver linings in any hardship. And there is ….. you just have to be determined to look for them…..

So in telling your story … of coming out, transitioning, of standing strong in your authenicity you have:-

  1. Shown the world that you are you and you will not be anyone else
  2. You have shown others that coming out, transitioning is a good thing.
  3. You have empowered yourself, and everybody else. Because whether you know it or not you are a hero to someone. You have inspired someone whether it be online or in person.

You may not believe me, I encourage you to challenge that thought.

You are a hero to someone out there , who you have told your story to. You have inspired them so much that they looked deep within themselves and started their own journey to authenicity.

Bravo to you. (hear the crowd clapping)

So I want you to , from here on out, to tell your story with honesty and love.

Be kind

and remember I love You.

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