3 things to do after you leave…,

Ok so you may have found yourself in an abusive relationship, right at this moment , you are safe, in a no contact situation.What do you do next?

In this blog .I’ll give you 3 tips to help you on your healing journey. Just remember, it’s a journey not a destination. There is going to be a lot of people along the way, who will help you be a healthier version of yourself. Not just me.

So the First step is make a commitment to yourself. Write it down on a piece of paper. I ,______, commit to loving myself from here on out. That means showing up when you don’t want to. It means leaning in instead of avoiding. It means getting vulnerable with yourself and honest about things that need to change within yourself. AND it always means holding yourself in love and compassion, some times that hard than you think.

2. Get into a good therapist, who you connect with. This may take awhile. But it’s possible. lean it to shitty , fucked up things . Having aGood therapist, who will , safely guide you through what you have been through. At one point I had 3 therapists. Each had a vital role in my healing and guiding me, helping me to undo , on some level the trauma bond that had developed, Or an understanding of what I had been through. Understanding of the family trauma that had adversely, affected my mother & Father and why they did and said what they did. It helped also to ultimately let go and be at peace with it all. Things still pop up now and then. But the intense pain is not there. I know I can handle it.

3. Practice self care and journal. EVERYDAY. No excuses. It’s vital you start showing up for yourself in ways you never have before. ahh the over used term self care , has shown its face again. Self care for me was swimming and still is. And not I’m not a bikini model. I’m the opposite. When I came home I researched what it means to practice

Every time you show up for yourself, you are saying I’m worth it. You are saying I love you..