The Art of letting go

Today I want to talk about the art of letting go. What happens when we hold on and what can happen when we letting go. 3 steps to help you let go of some of the shit that goes on in your life.

So 3 things the happen when we hold on are

1. Physically hurt. We hold ourselves tensely, we carry the emotional thing we have been through in our emotional backpack. Every time we think of what we have been through, it’s like we put a stone in the backpack on our backs. 2 ways this can manifest itself is neck and lower back pain.

2. In our heart we hold onto it like it’s a treasure. As time goes by it festers and becomes toxic to us . We then judge ourselves for doing this or that/not doing this or that/saying/not saying this or that. Then we judge others for everything and then project onto others.

3 In your head. You have this narrative going around and around in your head. It goes around in there so much you are tired before you have even had your first coffee of the day!

I’m at a place now in my life where , I have the most healthy relationship I have ever been in. I’m focused on what I want and I know where I’m going with my coaching business. You can get where I’m at too.

Here are 3 steps to start you on your way

1. Being active. The gym, running, swimming laps, mountain biking, hiking, rocking climbing, walking. This helps in heaps of different ways. It help the body stay limber and also raises your endorphins

2.A bloody good therapist will help you process all that you have been through. At one point I had 3 therapists. Each was helping in a different way. Going to a therapist is a gift you give yourself.

3. Breath work. I listen to a Abraham Hicks meditation on you tube the works on letting go of all the resistance I have. Magic happens when I listen to it.

Letting go of these things helps you be who you were born to be.

Be kind and remember I love you.

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