Keep on going.(Don’t give up on yourself)

Hi everyone!

So glad you are here!

Today I am posting about struggling after healing. When you don’t understand your own behaviour and can’t seem to let it go, even though you have talked about it for ages.

In recent months I have struggled with why I do certain things. I think this is just a progression of growing as a healthy human. It’s not failure per se. Its a form of feedback. what do I mean by that?

When we fall down or not follow through, when we don’t show up for ourselves on a regular basis, we need to ask some key questions. Some of these questions maybe

why do i do that? what’s really going on here? why do i avoid doing this? or procrastinate?

It maybe that this activity or task is in direct opposition to your values.

Some of my deep values are to show up in the world and be fucking real. I really don’t like fake people at all. So how do I be at peace with a situation where I am legally bound to something that seems to be really fake and hypocritical to me? and sooo not in line with my deep values.

For one i have had quite a few coaching sessions about it. The amazing thing about life coaching is that it is a completely non judgmental experiences, that also challenges you to think from a different perspective.

Two, be happy for this organization . yes you read that right. not perpetually bitching about it. I am not going to lie . I have bitched, …. and moaned about it…… and yes i still struggle with it, but I am choosing to be thankful for this learning experience.

People close to me know that i have to talk things through a lot and I do struggle to let things go. being happy for some thing/body else is a good thing to do. why? because it sets me free. the more i harp on about shit, the more negativity i bring into my own life. and if you have read most of this blog you will know that i have worked and worked on being a healthy happy woman .

I mean think about it , doesn’t the world have enough of the horrible shit going on around it? Covid-19. cities in lockdowns. anxiety at an all time high? at what point as conscience humans do we choose to move forward in a better manner? One other thing that has helped me change my thinking on this is Kerwin Rae , he put up a youtube video

omg type A was me. and ya know fuckin what? no more. i choose to change that shitty thinking.

Today i also chose t listen to Dr Joe Dispenza’s becoming supernatural.

change our thinking change our lives

be kind

and remember I Love You

Barefoot Warrior

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