Life is such a mixture of ups and downs. of arseholes , backstabbers and motherfuckers and the beautiful souls the just make you realise how beautiful this life can.

I’m not gunna lie to you all, i have struggled in the past months with a lot of stuff. but being my usual self , being commited to loving myself, to healing, to improving, I get back up. i have had triggers and ptsd in the past few months and they had taken me for a ride. but it has also been , an amazing experience because my new girlfriend holds a powerful, safe loving space to work through what is going on. We work through it together. Now to me that is what vulnerability is.

It’s having a select few people who hold this precious, powerful space for you to process what it is you are going through, without blame, projection . that space is one of the most powerful spaces i have ever experienced,.

but how did i get here? how can you get to here?

well commitment. not marriage. commitment to YOU. Commitment to your relationship with yourself. Commitment to being the very best version of yourself. and believe me its not for the faint hearted. I went to some very dark spaces in my healing. Because i knew i deserved a peaceful., beautiful , loving healthy relationship starting with myself and then with someone who sees me as the equal and treasures me and I treasure them

here are some questions to ask yourself

what are you core beliefs about life , love, relationships,?

Do you think deep inside that who ever you are with will eventually leave or fuck you over?

Do you believe that you are emotionally safe with you intimate partner?

How have you in the past dealt with issues that have come up?

What defining moment have you had that made you believe or act in this way?

If your actions and beliefs aren’t healthy and you really want to change them

you can . because you deserve to be in that peaceful loving relationship but it starts with you..

be kind

and remember i love you


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