Living an inspired life…

I was listening to a podcast yesterday, I found myself completely inspired by the speaker. Of how she has lived her life with such authenticity that , she was a leader in the lgbtqi community. Just by being herself . By living her life authentically.

So my question to you is who inspires you to live your life the way you do? Not necessarily a rock star or celebrity.

For me, Jo Bangles, who is the president of dykes on bikes Melbourne was ,for me ,so inspiring. Not because she had her shit together. But from what I have observed she lives her life as a lesbian authentically and is changing the city she lives . She has seen things in herself that she changed , then recognised that the community had the same problem and has set about to be a trailblazer in providing a safe space in the city she lives in.

This made me realise , how important it is for me to continue to coach my beloved lgbtqi community. I need also to become a leader in my own community to shine the light that is so needed. The light of loving and accepting yourself for the person you are.

So this week look at who inspires you. What values do they have that resonate with you. Is that value for your higher good.? Do these values help you grow?

Some thoughts to keep you going

So I finish off here like I always do

Be kind

And remember I love you

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