Be that safe space

I went to a wedding yesterday, of two beautiful souls. I cried when I saw the bride in her beautiful gold dress.

It took me back to when she first came out to me as transgender. I was so honoured to be that safe space. See here’s the thing, when someone is coming out to you they are saying, in their own way ,this is a part of me that I feel safe to share with you. You don’t have to understand it, just respect it. Whether that person is saying I’m bisexual, polyamorous, transgender, non binary, butch woman and numerous other identities.

And here a another respect the pronouns and terminology that they are asking you to use. This isn’t about you and what you think is right or wrong, what’s right or wrong for you isn’t necessarily right or wrong for other people.

For me respect is a big thing. The world in our face to face and internet interactions would be a lot nicer and deeper if we respected each other’s views.

My most treasured conversations are with people who are willing talk with out blame or the need to be right, but expressing their views. I find this expands my thinking by being open to what the other person is trying convey. Everyone has something to teach us. Whether it’s seeing their compassion , how they helped another human, or indeed if they bring up those feelings of anger then they are teaching you that you have inner work to do.

I’m very grateful for my journey and the beautiful amazing people that have come across my path. Some for a day, some for a moment, some for a year, some my whole life.

Essentially what I am saying is if you have someone share that part of themselves, be that safe space, accept them, love them just as they are.

Be kind

And remember I love you

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