Interesting perspective

I was on social media today and the topic of kids came up. In the context of do I want kids etc.

I responded by saying no. I don’t want more kids and I don’t want to be in a relationship with a woman who has kids.

There is numerous reason why I have this boundary. I have been in 2 relationships where both women had children, while I understand the children do come first on a lot of levels. At no point did these people ever have my back on any circumstance. I felt thrown under the bus. Disregarded and dismissed. I will not tolerate that ever again. At 51 , having gone through what I have gone through, I refuse to fight for a woman’s attention on a day to day basis.

Raising kids is hard slog. And they deserve your love and attention, that is their right as your child. That also is your job as their parent. It’s also your job to raise a person that will contribute to society in a good way. And become a good partner. Not a self absorbed it’s all about me little snot. A person who is self sufficient and independent. Not codependent on you ,always ringing you wanting you. Nah I’m done with that shit.

So I have thought about it. And yes I understand there are a lot of women out there that have had kids, my observation has been kids haven’t been raised as I have raised mine. That’s every parents right to raise their kids as per their beliefs. I can see ,those kids, will never leave home and why would they if they get everything handed to them. I can’t be a part of that. On any level.

Like I said , I’m 51 and I have raised 4 bloody good humans. I’m so proud of all of them. I’m also tired and I don’t want that complexity in my life any more. I want to have conversations about gender and the lgbtqi community, I want to talk about the universe and spirituality. I want to travel and make a difference in people’s life through being a life coach.

Thanks for reading my blog

Be kind

And remember I love you

2 thoughts on “Interesting perspective

  1. It was a decision I made too… a long time ago.. I have never been in a relationship with a woman with children.. many reasons.

    No apologies required.
    No explanations required..

    We get to decide who and what we want in our lives.. otherwise..what have we fought the hard fight for?

    Love your spirit .. the world is better for having you in it…


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